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January 24, 2024

The Great Parkview Raku Challenge

Recently Parkview had a unique educational experience that blended innovation, fun, and collaboration! 🎨✨
🔍 Objective:
Our goal is to inspire lifelong learners through the ancient art of Raku, offering students a fresh perspective on ceramics and fostering an appreciation for the science and chemistry behind it. As Tammy Sass puts it, “Full STEAM ahead!”
🏺 The Process:
Students crafted clay vessels, applied glaze or treatment, and loaded their creations into custom trash can “kilns” designed by our AELP students. The magic happened as we set the cans ablaze, smoking the clay for hours, allowing oxygen and carbon to work their wonders.
🎨 Science, Chemistry, and Art Unite:
The Raku Challenge was an incredible fusion of science, chemistry, and art that had our students buzzing with excitement. Every stage was a journey of curiosity, and the results at the end of the day were truly spectacular!
👏 Team Raku:
A heartfelt shoutout to our amazing Raku team – Debra Flynn, Mary McDonald, Tammy Sass, and Erryn O’Connor. Your dedication made this experience unforgettable!
🎓 Principal’s Support:
A big thank you to our principal, Ben Huebsch, for ensuring our students could embark on this creative adventure! Your support means the world to us.
🤝 Participating Groups:
Cheers to the Art Club, AELP students, and Art students for bringing their passion and creativity to The Great Parkview Raku Challenge!
🙏 Ankeny Foundation:
Special gratitude to the Ankeny Foundation for their generous grant, making this project a reality. Your commitment to providing exciting educational opportunities leaves a lasting impact on our students!
Let’s cherish the memories and inspire more curiosity in our students. The Great Parkview Raku Challenge will be talked about for years to come
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