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February 14, 2024

Notice of School Property Prescribed Burns

The ACSD maintenance team will be conducting prescribed burns periodically in Ankeny as weather conditions allow, continuing until June 1, 2024. Weather conditions and safety considerations will determine the exact date and time of the fires.

Why do we perform prescribed burns?

Central Iowa’s landscape was once dominated by tall grass prairies. These ecosystems have an abundance of plants, insects, birds, mammals, and reptiles. The native grasses and forbs (flowers) also provide seed and nectar for insects, butterflies, birds, and small mammals. In nature, fire is essential to maintain the integrity of the native prairie plant species located in our parks. Fire is a natural occurrence that helps the plant and animal communities in a park and controlled burning offers a safer way to use fire in a helpful manner. The benefits of prescribed burns include the following:

  • Aid in reducing the undesirable plants from invading our native prairie areas
  • Help to maintain a rich diversity of wildflowers and grasses
  • Decreases the threat of wildfires by decreasing the accumulation of combustibles
  • Benefits water quality by aiding in the establishment of deep-rooted natives
  • Improves the natural beauty and enjoyment of our parks

Thank you for understanding.

February 12, 2024

Spring Picture Day – Monday, Feb 19th

📸 Spring Picture Day is just around the corner on Monday, Feb 19th!
📅 Don’t miss out on capturing those precious moments. Order your child’s pictures through with event code EVT3VMZ3P. Let’s make memories!
Email Flyer EVT3VMZ3P (1)
February 5, 2024

National School Counseling Week!

Let’s hear it for our incredible Parkview Counselors!
As we celebrate National School Counselors Week, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Nate Tobey from 6/7 Gold, Abbi Lowry from 6/7 Maroon, and Emily Phillips from 6/7 Platinum. Thank you for your dedication, guidance, and unwavering support in nurturing our students’ well-being and growth. You make a significant difference every day!
Celebrating National School Counseling Week
February 2, 2024

Ms. Stevenson Awarded S.T.A.R. Award!

We’re thrilled to announce that our 7th-grade science teacher, Mandy Stevenson, has been awarded the S.T.A.R. Award!
Ms. Stevenson exemplifies the true essence of selflessness, adaptability, tirelessness, and remarkable dedication to our students and school community. Nominated by 7th grader Brynlee Moeller, Mandy’s commitment to her students’ success and the greater good is truly inspiring.
The S.T.A.R. Award, created by Ankeny Citizen of the Year Laura Murphy (Luetje) and Carter and Claire Luetje, recognizes exceptional leadership within our schools. As a recipient, Mandy joins a distinguished group of educators dedicated to promoting positivity and excellence in education.
Congratulations, Ms. Stevenson, on this well-deserved honor! Your dedication and passion make a profound impact on our school community.
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February 2, 2024

Parkview Robotics Competes at State Competition

Huge congratulations to our Parkview Robotics Team for their incredible debut at the State competitions!
We’re thrilled to announce that our team participated for the first time and what an experience it was! The dedication, hard work, and innovation displayed by our team members were truly remarkable.
A special shoutout goes to Tammy Sass, our fearless leader for the Robotics club. Ms. Sass’s guidance, support, and enthusiasm have been instrumental in shaping our team’s success. Thank you, Ms. Sass, for your unwavering dedication and leadership!
Congratulations to the whole team!!
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January 31, 2024

Transitional Kindergarten Program

Ankeny Schools is excited to announce the opening of a transitional kindergarten (TK) program for the 2024-2025 school year. This new level is designed to provide students with the time needed to develop essential social and academic skills, acting as a bridge between preschool and kindergarten.

Registration for Transitional Kindergarten will be integrated into the general registration process, commencing on February 2, 2024 at 8:00 a.m. Similar to preschool, available space is limited, and acceptance is determined by the time and date of the submitted complete registration. Class sizes will be capped at 20 students per class, and the total number of classrooms will be finalized by the district later in the spring.

For more information please visit the Transitional Kindergarten website page within the Register section. Applicants can expect to receive an email confirmation of classroom placement or waitlist status by the end of March.

January 24, 2024

Become a Mentor at Parkview Middle School

Exciting Opportunity to Make a Difference at Parkview Middle School!
Mentoring at Parkview Middle School is a rewarding opportunity to make a positive impact in students’ lives. Our dedicated counselors are currently working on matching volunteers with students, and approved mentors can expect to be contacted soon.
If you haven’t signed up yet, there’s still room to become a mentor and contribute to the growth and development of our students. Get involved today and make a meaningful difference at Parkview Middle School!
January 24, 2024

Celebrating Art Winners – Fall 2023 Edition!

We’re thrilled to announce the incredible achievements of our talented artists featured in the ‘Celebrating Art’ hardbound art book! This is a prestigious honor that showcases the dedication, talent, and hard work of both our students and teachers.
From “Celebrating Art”:
“Congratulations! You have students who were chosen to be published. Only the best art is selected to be included in our full-color hardbound art book, ‘Celebrating Art’. This is not a contest where every entry is invited to be published. Being published represents a lot of talent, hard work and dedication from teachers.”
Meet Our Featured Artists:
  • Cael Larson: “I just started art last year, and it has been fun. I try hard, and my brain is full of ideas. My design is an ‘O’ with a circle and curly lines through it. It is an illuminated letter design, and I put color everywhere.”
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  • Ellie Chanthalangsy: “My Tree’ is an experimental painting project with one of my favorite mediums, acrylic paint! I use my imagination to visualize what I put on my canvas. More than often, I look at the sunrise daily, and this is what came to mind. Art is important to me because it is a way to show my creativity and try and inspire others.”
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  •  Kaylee Torkelson: “For my mannequin project, I enjoyed making my own wacky zentangles. I enjoyed choosing my pose. I chose for my mannequin to be in a softball position because I play softball. I also used heavy shading on the mannequin. I really enjoy the creativity of art and think I could turn it into a career someday. I think I could be a teacher and create picture books for my class.”
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 Let’s celebrate these artists for their outstanding creativity and dedication to the world of art!
January 24, 2024

The Great Parkview Raku Challenge

Recently Parkview had a unique educational experience that blended innovation, fun, and collaboration! 🎨✨
🔍 Objective:
Our goal is to inspire lifelong learners through the ancient art of Raku, offering students a fresh perspective on ceramics and fostering an appreciation for the science and chemistry behind it. As Tammy Sass puts it, “Full STEAM ahead!”
🏺 The Process:
Students crafted clay vessels, applied glaze or treatment, and loaded their creations into custom trash can “kilns” designed by our AELP students. The magic happened as we set the cans ablaze, smoking the clay for hours, allowing oxygen and carbon to work their wonders.
🎨 Science, Chemistry, and Art Unite:
The Raku Challenge was an incredible fusion of science, chemistry, and art that had our students buzzing with excitement. Every stage was a journey of curiosity, and the results at the end of the day were truly spectacular!
👏 Team Raku:
A heartfelt shoutout to our amazing Raku team – Debra Flynn, Mary McDonald, Tammy Sass, and Erryn O’Connor. Your dedication made this experience unforgettable!
🎓 Principal’s Support:
A big thank you to our principal, Ben Huebsch, for ensuring our students could embark on this creative adventure! Your support means the world to us.
🤝 Participating Groups:
Cheers to the Art Club, AELP students, and Art students for bringing their passion and creativity to The Great Parkview Raku Challenge!
🙏 Ankeny Foundation:
Special gratitude to the Ankeny Foundation for their generous grant, making this project a reality. Your commitment to providing exciting educational opportunities leaves a lasting impact on our students!
Let’s cherish the memories and inspire more curiosity in our students. The Great Parkview Raku Challenge will be talked about for years to come
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January 24, 2024

Career Day Speakers Needed

Our counseling team is thrilled to announce a unique chance for parents and community members to make a lasting impact.
🗓️Save the Date: Friday, May 10th
We’re inviting parents and community members to become part of our upcoming event! We’re seeking 40-50 speakers to share their career journeys and insights with our students. If you’re passionate about your profession and want to inspire, sign up to be a speaker by filling out the form before April 15, 2024.
This is a fantastic chance to showcase diverse career paths and provide valuable insights. Students will be assigned based on career inventories and preferences, creating meaningful connections. The event, concluding by 10:30 am, will include two engaging 30-minute sessions.
Additionally, we welcome volunteers to help make this day a success! If you’re not interested in speaking but want to contribute, fill out our volunteer form here:
Let’s come together as a community to empower and guide our students towards a bright future!