Our School

Parking, Pick-Up, Drop-Off

A few things have changed for Pick-up & Drop Off this year because of COVID-19. 

Students are to be dropped off before school in the north or west parking lot. Students must enter the building through their designated doors based on their team assignments or if they will be eating school breakfast. Please Do Not drop off until 8:00 AM. Students will go directly to their 1st hour class when entering the building. If a student arrives after 8:30 they will need to enter through the main front doors. See below:

Leaving the Building

Students are expected to remain on school property once dropped off. If we become aware that students are leaving school property after arrival, disciplinary action will occur.

Students must sign out in the office prior to leaving during the day. Students who leave the building without consent will be considered unexcused absent. Students will not be sent home without the office checking with a parent at home or work.


After school, students are asked to leave the building when class is dismissed. Students are to be picked-up after school in the north or west parking lot.

Pick-Up in Public Parking Lots

In cooperation with the City of Ankeny, we are encouraging parents to not block entrances to public buildings when picking students up from school. The city has requested that parents with students at Parkview Middle School not block the entrance to City Hall when waiting for students.

Parents may use the City Hall parking lot for pick-up, but must pull to the west (left) when entering the lot from W First Street, in order to not block the parking lot in front of the building. That area of the parking lot is reserved for City Hall business. Please do not pull in front of City Hall and stop to drop off students.