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May 2, 2021

IMPORTANT! Changes Starting May 3rd on First Street

I have driven by Parkview several times this afternoon monitoring the changes emerging that will impact all of us on Monday morning:

  1. You can only enter Parkview main lot from the westbound lane east of Parkview in the north lane.  (Even writing this is confusing).  Essentially you will want to come from Ankeny Blvd heading to Parkview and stay in the far right lane.
  2. We can only turn right out of the main Parkview lot.  There are physical barriers preventing us from going straight ahead.
  3. Heading from the west to the east (fire station to Ankeny Blvd) there are NO left turns.
  4. All access roads that lead to West First Street from the south are closed down to Southwest 2nd Street, including SW Logan, SW School, SW Pleasant, SW Walnut.  It appears SW Cherry will remain open at this time.
  5. You can still enter the north PV/Terrace Parking lot from West First Street and from Northwest 5th Street.
  6. There are a lot of new street lines being painted now and up to about 8:00pm today.  There are a lot of new cones being placed in many lanes east and west bound West First Street.
  7. Go slow.  Allow an extra 10-15 minutes in the morning and afternoon in case traffic flow locks up and you have to wait in a long line on West First Street.
  8. All students walking home need to use traffic-light controlled intersections (West First Street and Ash Street (following sidewalk north of the bandshell); and the crosswalk at School Street and NW 5th Street (no light).
  9. Watch for student traffic and for other drivers.
  10. We are opening our Parkview doors for supervision for students starting at 7:50 through the remainder of this school year.  Kids may be dropped off at 7:50 and enter through Student Entrance where they will then proceed to the main gym.  At 8:00, students will be dismissed to their period 1 class. Regular 8:00 drop off and entrance door assignments and routines remain the same.